I Think They Love You

Cover illustration: Sandra Chiu
Cover design: Olga Grlic

With his funny, big-hearted adult rom com debut, bestselling, award-winning YA author Julian Winters shows sometimes fake dating your ex can turn into a second chance.

When Denzel “Denz” Carter’s workaholic father and CEO of 24 Carter Gold unexpectedly announces his retirement, the competition is on for who will become his successor. To convince his judgmental family members that Denz is capable of commitment he impulsively lies about being in a serious relationship. Problem is the last serious relationship he was in hung him high and dry after leaving the continent.

Now Denz needs to find a fake boyfriend to bring to family functions and seal the deal on the CEO position. To do so he enlists the help of his best friend and roommate, Jamie. Someone his family already accepts in their inner circle. But when his BFF is a no-show, Denz is forced to turn to the last person he wants to be in a pretend (or any) relationship Braylon, the man who broke his heart.

Braylon’s sudden reappearance in Denz’s life turns everything upside down. But apparently, he needs Denz’s connections to the mayor to win his own promotion and Denz is currently up a creek without a paddle. So, they strike a deal. It’s all business, but between the funny texts and the confusing kisses soon enough Denz is struggling to separate business from the affairs of his heart.

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Praise for I Think They Love You

“A swoon-worthy love story? Check. Crackling chemistry? Check. Hilarious and heartfelt characters? Check. Winters never misses.”
—Adib Khorram, author of I’ll Have What He’s Having

“A brilliant rom-com debut from one of my favorite authors!”
—Ashley Poston, bestselling author of The Dead Romantics

“Have you ever been asked why you’re grinning as you read? You’re about to be. An author who pulls you in with humor and sharp prose and then holds you close with moments of dazzling emotional resonance—a must read.”
—Denise Williams, author of How to Fail at Flirting