Who is your agent?

I’m represented by Thao Le at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

When will your books be translated in ____________?

Unfortunately, I have no control over book translations. That’s handled through my publishers, Penguin Random House and Chicago Review Press. But whenever translation rights are secured for languages outside of English, I always announce them on my social media!

Currently, you can find Running With Lions in French and Spanish, and How To Be Remy Cameron in French.

How do I get an ARC of your book?

I try to do giveaways for physical ARCs when I have some, but author copies are limited. I also don’t control who does/doesn’t get approved on NetGalley or any other reading platforms. That’s decided by the publisher. I have no influence on ARC distribution, sorry.

Do you do school/library visits?

Yes! Both in-person and virtually. For more information, check out my contact page to email me.

Marvel or DC?

Ummm… both? I grew up reading series from both universes because comics were the one place I felt seen. Like I could finally be the hero in a story. I love Nightwing and Kaldur’ahm just as much as I love the X-Men and Young Avengers. You can’t make me choose!

(But the obvious wrong answer is: neither.)

Seriously though: Young Avengers or Young Justice?

Okay, that’s enough that! I’m leaving.